The first and only professional fabric care wetcleaning system approved by Woolmark as the ideal alternative for the care of delicate garments.
Lagoon from Electrolux Laundry Systems has been hailed by The Woolmark Company as a technological breakthrough in the professional care of garments which are, by tradition, exclusively dry cleaned using chemical solvents.

Lagoon is an integrated wetcleaning system. Lagoon includes washing, drying and ironing using water as a base for a surprisingly effective and ecological wash.

Lagoon can be used for all types of fabric, even for fabrics which were previously thought of as solely the domain of dry cleaning.

Woolmark endorsement
Lagoon is the first professional fabric care system in the world to be endorsed by The Woolmark Company, the world’s leading wool textile authority.

Gain additional business
Lagoon is a new business opportunity and market for professional laundries. By using Lagoon, hygienically cleaned garments, something previously thought of as impossible, is now a possibility and a new business opportunity.

Expert Testimony by The Woolmark Company
The Woolmark Company recently stated: ”We consider Lagoon to be the most advanced system for cleaning 100% wool garments. Giving the Woolmark logo of approval to this innovative system is the result of a long working relationship, development and thorough testing. Lagoon achieves a superb standard of cleaning and the highest level of fibre care. We have been particularly impressed with the exceptional appearance of wool products after washing and the way in which Lagoon revitalises the handle and natural softness of wool”.
Recent market data has shown that consumers are increasingly attracted by purchasing garments, which can be washed in water, for reasons of practicality, hygiene and appearance, as well as for ecological considerations. This is accompanied by the strong growth in demand for professional treatments involving water as an alternative to traditional drycleaning. Customers who use drycleaners do so to avoid the risk of damaging their clothes through inexperience, because of the inadequacy of their own domestic appliances or because the garment cannot be washed conventionally in water. However, they want a guarantee that professional laundries are properly equipped for wetcleaning treatments.
The Lagoon system was developed by Electrolux Laundry Systems expressly for the professional washing of delicate fabrics in water. Lagoon was developed with the assistance of the Hohenstein Institute in Krefeld (Germany), the most highly-qualified world centre for scientific research in the field of fabrics. Lagoon eliminates dirt whilst taking care of the fabric’s original properties in terms of shape, dimension, color and handling. Unlike dry-cleaning processes, Lagoon completely eliminates non-greasy dirt which, in addition to being the most common type encountered, can now be removed by water.

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