Commissioning Forms

Commissioning Forms
The task of installing a professional appliance comes down to two simple pieces of paper, despite the many years of field experience you may have and despite the qualifications you may carry, the installation instruction manual and commissioning form are the keys to a successful installation.

Commissioning forms have been designed to assist you in correctly installing and commissioning our professional powered appliances. These forms are of particular value to our remote, self sufficient customers as there are many points to consider when installing such an appliance and these forms serve two purposes.
1. The form serves as a checklist of what needs to be done during the installation and commissioning process.
2. Once completed and submitted to PKS it validates the warranty.

AND REMEMBER: there is an installation manual supplied with each piece of equipment and the first thing to do, is to READ IT from cover to cover BEFORE you begin the installation, and besides, it gives you a valid reason to sit down for five minutes with a cup of tea. This done, and with a commissioning form at hand, each and every installation will be flawless.





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